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Game Thread: 05/16 Padres vs. Nationals

Love you, Stras. But not tonight.


Most of you know I'm a huge Aztecs fan. I go to SDSU and was there when Stephen Strasburg fanned 23 batters in a game. I was there when the Aztecs retired his number last season. I root for him every time he pitches... unless it's against my team. A lot of San Diego fans hope that he dominates tonight while still allowing the Padres to win. I'm not of that mindset. I want the Padres to hit well against any pitcher they face, even if its my most favorite non-Padre player in the world. I wouldn't be bummed if Strasburg shut our offense down, but I'd rather he allow a bunch of runs on a bunch of hits only against San Diego. Sorry, Strassy. You can end your winless streak in your next outing.

Also, Carlos Quentin welcomed a little hothead baby CQ into the world today. Let's get that kid a birthday win!


Padres winning percentage on May 16th, via Gaslamp Ballmanac: 45.24% (19-23)


Game Preview

This is 40

Tony the Gwynn is rooting for his Padres tonight

Lineups: Nats fans will be happy to see Bryce Harper back in the lineup tonight. He'll be patrolling left field and batting in the 3-spot.