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Padres 3, Orioles 2: Pads come through in the ninth

David Banks

These afternoon games are so hard for me to follow. I have to record them and watch them later in the evening. I just now finished tonight's game. It was a good experience for me. First I got to fast forward through all the commercials I've seen a billion times and then I got to witness a comeback win. I was enjoying myself so much I didn't even peek at the score and was genuinely surprised when the Padres won.

Here's how it happened.

2nd inning

Carlos Quentin homered to left field. Quentin has been slumping hard it's nice to have him involved in the game again.

1-0 Padres

3rd Inning

Ryan Flaherty promptly answered back with a homer of his own off Andrew Cashner.


8th Inning

This is where the two teams finally got around to scoring again. Cashner allowed a walk to Ryan Flaherty and it came around to bite him when Steve Pearce singled to left. Cashner exited the game.

2-1 Orioles

9th Inning

This was the good part. Yonder Alonso and Mark Kotsay both singled on first pitches back to back. Unfortunately Jedd Gyorko hit into a double play. Fortunately Chris Denorfia hit a sharp single up the middle that scored Alonso. Nick Hundley fortunately was hit by a pitch since he's 2 for the last 28. That brought up Mr. Clutch, Everth Cabrera who singled in Denorfia and provided the go ahead run.

Huston Street came in for a shaky save. My favorite type, apparently Street's too.

Final 3-2 Padres