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Rumor: Mel Proctor, Mark Grant and Bob Chandler to broadcast 1998 Retro Game

"Struck him out!"

Jonny Dub and I went to the game last Tuesday night. Like Lord Varys and Littlefinger in Game of Thrones, we just sat back in our cloaks and waited for our little spies to bring us information. We heard whispers from around Petco Park that Padres President Tom Garfinkel was there in attendance and sitting with Mel Proctor. Now that's a name I've not heard for a long time.

Mel Proctor, if you don't know, was the Channel 4 play-by-play broadcaster for 5 years in San Diego, including the entirety of the 1998 season. I always liked him. He and Mark Grant had a good rapport. Only problem was that he was former Padres President Larry Lucchino's choice. When he applied, the powers that be voted 4-1 against him. As it turns out Lucchino's vote was the only one that mattered, so he was hired. When Lucchino left for Boston, Channel 4 replaced him with Matt Vasgersian.

If the unconfirmed rumor is to be believed, Mel Proctor and Mark Grant will be calling the game for Fox Sports San Diego on 1998 Retro Night. Longtime Padres broadcaster Bob Chandler will work the radio. It's gonna be just like old times, except no Argy Stathopulos and John Weisbarth.

7:10 pm - Jun 14 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Padres players will pay tribute to the 15th anniversary of the National League Champion 1998 Padres team by wearing their uniforms on this date. Special pre-game entertainment at the Park at the Park starting at 5:00 p.m.

Read this blog post from the 2008 ten year anniversary it still makes me laugh all these years later.