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Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day, everybody! It's that day of the year when everybody busts out the pink bats, wristbands, and in some cases shoes. This year takes it up another level with the introduction of balls featuring pink stitching and printing. Not only is it overkill, it strikes me as dangerous. Batters are creatures of habit and it seems like it'd hard to pick up the spin on a ball with faint pink stitches after staring down a ball with red lacing their whole lives. These guys are professionals though, so hopefully they adapt and we won't have another Ray Chapman situation on our hands.

But enough with the negativity. Today is (or should be) all about the moms. On to the tweets then.

Former Padres reliever Jon Adkins shared this bit of beautiful sentiment and then, a few minutes later, dropped an even more important message.

Sorry for getting a little sidetracked there; back to the motherage.

Ah, I see their account is no longer protected. It's so stupid when they do that for their sponsored contests but, man of loose principles that I am, I still go along with it. I'm sad to say that neither of my Twitter accounts nor my cat Cora's account won any tickets or an account. Speaking of Coras...

I know I just said "Speaking of Coras..." but I'm going to drop it again. Speaking of Coras and mothers (double connection!), I wrote something a few years ago about Joey Cora and my mother. I never link on here to stuff I've done elsewhere because it seems in poor taste, but this one instance seems like an acceptable rulebreaker. I mean, come on. Mother's Day. Joey Cora. Warming of the heart and such... I don't have to explain myself to you! You're not my real dad!


Sorry about that; now where were we? Oh, yeah, Mothers' Day. Have a good one. And, yes, I did write this just as an excuse to use a Mark Parent card.