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Chase Headley not aware of renewed talk of long term contract

Though he does confirm that $15 million per year is a starting point.


The Union-Tribune continues to update regarding Ron Fowler's discussion of Chase Headley's would-be long term contract. And, as we might've suspected, that quote from Ron Fowler is (allegedly) indeed the first that Chase has heard of contract negotiations, saying that "it's not something we've discussed". Oh? Well how'd you find out about that one then, Chase?

So yeah. That's the kind of wrong foot we were talking about...

Chase is being reasonable...

"I do want a solid commitment. But I’m not looking for 10 years. I wouldn’t want anything that would put the Padres in a bad position."

As he says, a three year contract is the kind of thing that just leaves us wondering if we'll sign him again. Chase will be 29 this season. I can't imagine that Chase is looking for a contract to retire on, which is potentially what anything over a 5 or 6 year deal would be. I also think the $15 million number is something to anchor off of as opposed to being fixed, though at the rate that these things are moving, $15 million may be low.

My own guess, backed up by nothing but gut, is that this forces Josh Byrnes and the new ownership's hand in terms of how they'll handle incentive contracts. $15 million per year sounds right, but at the same time I don't blame the Front Office if they want better validation of their investment than the half a season they saw last year. Maybe something in the form of upwards of $18 million per year given milestones. Incentives always seem to make sense to me, but I'm ridiculous.

I'm just waiting for one of the two sides to even mention Adrian Beltre.