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San Diego Padres destroy the Los Angeles Dodgers like a billion to 3

The Padres were apparently just waiting till the home opener before they actually started playing baseball.

Denis Poroy

It was a beautiful day for baseball, people. If you made it down to the stadium, you were treated to a clinic - a clinic, I say - as the Padres played solid baseball for nine full innings and ended up on the winning end of things 9-3.

The hero the day is my favorite baseball player, Will Venable, who hit a home run early in the game to put the Padres ahead. Mark Kotsay hit a pinch hit double to take the lead after the Dodgers had tied it up, but Will Venable stole the show by hitting an 8th inning, bases clearing triple to put the game out of reach. Also notable was the Nick Hundley home run in the 5th. It's nice to see that man actually playing baseball again and not stuck in an 0-for-40 start to the 2013 season.

Clayton Richard got into trouble early, loading the bases and causing all of Twitter to declare the season over, but a timely double-play and he ended up pitching a respectable 5 innings, giving up only 2 runs.

While we're all feeling good, why don't we go ahead and vote in the Satisfaction Poll while we're at it? It may be the most satisfying game of the season and we should all savor it properly.