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Padres Bullpen as Anchormen

Ronald Martinez

The MLB Fan Cave is a weird place right? Don't get me wrong, I love Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, but if I hear one more Giants' or Dodgers' fan tell me to stay classy I'll go ape sh_t and wrap their necks in piano wire while they're at the urinal.

I think Dale Thayer is supposed to be Brian Fantana, Brad Brach is Champ Kind, Joe Thatcher is Ron Burgundy, Anthony Bass is Veronica Corningstone and Luke Gregerson is Brick Tamland.

The video itself made me smile, but it was an embarrassed, uncomfortable smile, like when you're uncle is giving you a back rub or a blogger tries to hug you at a ball game. Still, it shows some of the team's personality of which I'm in favor.


Facebookers blame this video for 1-5 start. (H/T @SDUncovered)