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Bud Black's Postgame Press Conference Recap

I just watched Black's postgame presser on Fox Sports San Diego. Here's my notes.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE
  • Buddy Black thought Tyson Ross battled in his start. "Going in we knew his stuff was going to be good and it was." Ross kept the team in the game. Black liked what he saw overall. Ross has poise and is a clear thinker. Black felt that Ross competed tonight just like he did in Spring Training. Black agreed with Corey Brock that Ross had a pretty good ball/strike ratio. When asked if he planned to take Ross out after the 4th, Black said he had saying "It was a hard 96 pitches."
  • In Colorado you've got to play good defense and keep walks to a minimum.
  • Brad Brach left some pitches up in the strike zone and the Padres were punished by 3 bloop singles.
  • Black thought Cabrera's errors came because he was trying to rush the play knowing that the base runners were speedy. "A lot of times Cabby, in his haste, can get out of whack a little bit and I think that's what happened there."