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Game Ratings Project: Blowing leads vs Not blowing leads

Game 4 of the Game Ratings Project. Do you like it when we pretend to be competitive earlier or later?


The essential question in terms of how satisfied you are with today's game (the 5-2 loss to the Rockies) is whether or not leading a team (even if it is just by 1, and in Colorado) is more satisfying than an almost comeback or a blowout. If I were just doing my pure subjective ranking, I would probably make this rank as the second to worst game of the season (just before the Opening Day blowout) and I'm thinking it might hang out there for a while. It was really not a happy thing to see.

  1. Game 3: WIN NUMBER ONE (6.535 GLBSR)
  2. Game 2: The Padres make things look respectable after everybody stops paying attention (2.517 GLBSR)
  3. Game 1: Edinson Volquez loses us a game like a billion to two (2.269 GLBSR)

So I guess in my own mind, making it look respectable at the end is more important to my satisfaction than making it look respectable at the beginning. That's my first learning of the year.

Satisfaction Rules:

1. If you're gonna lose, at least put up a fight for respectability at the end.

We're gonna learn so much together people. For now though. VOTE AND VOTE.