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Former Friar Andres Berumen Turns 42 Today

Happy forty-second birthday to reliever Andres Berumen, who spent his entire major league career with San Diego. Acquired from the Marlins in the 1993 Gary Sheffield trade along with Jose Martinez and some guy named Trevor Hoffman, Berumen appeared in 37 games for the Friars in 1995 and three more the next season.

...I'm just gyorkin' y'all. I know you don't care about Andres Berumen. The world didn't start being cool until his eighteenth birthday when unto us a child was born. That's right. Today marks the anniversary of the day baby jodes wriggled out and immediately started dancing to "The Promise".

So crank up some Weezer and watch planes while your batch of cupcakes is in the oven in honor of International jodes Day. Then meet us back here about ten minutes past noon for the game thread. Jason Marquis will be taking on- you know what, I'll just let her tell you about it then...

Happy birthday, jodes0405!