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Padres Preview Night

Last week Jbox and I were invited down to Padres Preview Night. It's a time for the Padres to showcase the upcoming season. We checked out this season's giveaways, mingled with members of the real media and sampled all the food that awaits us this year. Far and away the most exciting thing is the opportunity to take some batting practice and play catch at Petco Park.

Jbox and I arrived early. Jbox was initially distracted by giveaways and I was distracted by food. Oh my god there was so much food. And Beer! I knew what was in store for me this night so I skipped lunch on purpose. I went straight for some Phil's BBQ ribs, before I was pulled away to play catch in order to loosen up for batting.

After having a catch we got in line to hit. At this time the line had grown a bit and we would be waiting. Not a problem. We had the warm company of Padres Public in front of us in line and plenty of time to sample more tasty bites. While we waited I tried some Hodad's and Wings 'n' Things, which along with Phil's is also new this year. We chatted up with Mentor, Jbox's new BFF Jeremy and the crew from Fox Sports. Hacksaw looked super grumpy so we steered clear.

After knocking the crap out of some baseballs and breaking some windows, we headed back to the outfield to shag some balls. Andy Masur happened to be out in left so we made our way over. We caught up in more ways than one for about 45 minutes. (We played catch and talked).

I finished the night off with some great ice cream (or gelato as RJ's Fro would call it). Jbox was too nervous to eat and he went home hungry. It was a great night, I only wish I took more pictures but I was too busy eating.