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Megan Olivi hitting at Petco Park

Jonny Dub and I went to Padres Media Night last week with a bunch of other bloggers and media types. We came away exhausted and sore but with with spirits soaring!

One of the highlights every year is getting the opportunity to hit live 40 mph pitching on the field at Petco Park. Knowing this, Jon and I prepared by going to the batting cages two days prior in an attempt to practice enough so as not to embarrass ourselves. Like Captain Video, Tony Gwynn, we studied footage of our swings to see how or if we could improve. I hate seeing video of my swing, for me it's on par with hearing my voice playback on tape. In my mind I look like a right-handed Steve Finley, in reality not so much.

Late in the evening as the event came to a close and security prepared to storm the field, we were able to witness something magical. New Fox Sports Reporter Megan Olivi put her hair in a sock bun and then put on a clinic at the plate. Somehow she did it all in high heeled sneakers too. Whispers around the cage said she use to play softball competitively, others said she played semi-pro ball around the country under an assumed name.