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Rate Game 26: Padres score a lot of runs against the Cubs

On the one hand we scored a lot of runs and won the game. On the other hand is the Michael Jackson glove we just bought at Party City

Haters gonna hate
Haters gonna hate
David Banks

I still have to remind myself to post the poll for the first Giants game so that I can then figure out what the overall standings are. Personally, I like voting blind and then seeing what the results are, but it'll be good to get an idea overall of what April was like.

Oooohhh... That's what I'll do. An overall April score. That would probably be interesting to compare later. I dunno. I'm making this up as I go along, folks.

In any case, the game we're voting on today was also a bit of a highlight as we got to see Robbie Erlin for the first time. Sure, he gave up a couple of runs, but nobody holds that against him. It was still a great day overall. I mean, the Cubs gave up like a billion or whatever it was.

Either way. Vote and make your voice heard, though if you really want to make your voice heard you'll need to find somebody in immediate area able to listen to you and actually use your voice.