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Time for Seventh Annual GLB May Beards


Ah, May is here and you know what that means: May beards! They idea was conceived in 2007 by Gaslamp Ball Entertainment Correspondent matthewverygood (then known as matto619) and has gathered steam every year since. The "rules" are simple and flexible; if you can't grow a beard or need to keep it trimmed for your job, nobody's going to get mad at you. However, if you do choose to participate, it's customary to shave completely as April wraps up and start the new month with a fresh canvas. But again, it's not the end of the world if you keep the beard you already had. Ladies are welcome to join in, going without shaving whatever they feel like going without shaving. It's all just good clean fun.

...or is it?

Those 2007 Padres of the May beards' rookie year went 18-9 that month to grab the division lead. The next May wasn't quite as successful but it was better than the April that preceded it. 2009 saw a .500 May in a sub-.500 season, while 2010 was a return to beard power with a 16-12 showing. 2011 was like 2009 as the Padres played .500 ball after an ugly April. Last year fit the same profile as 2008. All in all, it's clear that the beards have been working.

Like every year, I'll be participating despite being able to muster only wispy, asymmetrical patches of face-pubes. I'll keep you updated on my scruff throughout the month and urge you to do the same.