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Chris Denorfia can curse in Italian, went to same high school as JFK

Some of the more useless things to know about Chris Denorfia imaginable, including, but not limited to random facts he knows about Mark Kotsay.

Denis Poroy

The Intentional Talk guys spoke with Chris Denorfia the other day. I like Intentional Talk insofar as I enjoy the sound of Kevin Millar laughing a little too hard at things and learning things I would never relate to another human being ever, if only I didn't have a baseball blog.

Also, what gets me about Intentional Talk is how quickly Kevin Millar will hone in on one of his buddies and relentlessly hammer the subject. It's like Millar is begging for a phone call. This particular interview is no different as Millar gets two separate shots in on Mark Kotsay, first about Kotsay being a braggart about his college career and then later trying to imply that Kotsay is cheap.

Denorfia, smooth as silk, handles the situation with aplomb and refuses to be hoodwinked into rolling on his man Kotsay.

Also, Mark Kotsay, could you pleeeaaaase call Kevin Millar. Please.

There are also several questions about being Italian. Specifically how much he can speak it (spoiler: Denorfia only knows the curse words his grandmother yelled at him) and where to find pasta. Also there was a bit about Denorfia having attended the same high school as JFK, which, by being pointed out, has officially become recognized as the very best demonstration of trivia ever conceived

Chris Denorfia

#13 / Left Field / San Diego Padres





Jul 15, 1980

Languages able to curse in: English, Italian

High School: Whichever one John F Kennedy Jr went to