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MLB finally using YouTube to show highlights, spread the gospel of baseball


MLB Advanced Media has been a total b_tch for years about its content appearing on YouTube. Today that has changed. They've updated their channel on YouTube. Now there are clips available for every game of the 2013 season.

They also have classic clips from the MLB archives, like the one above of Ken Caminiti throwing out a base runner from the seat of his taunt buttocks.

There are places outside of North America, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea that don't know about Major League Baseball. They're like those tribes in New Guinea that have not been contacted by modern society. In order to introduce these countries to American baseball they've allowed them to watch two live games streamed daily on YouTube.

MLB Starts Putting Highlights On YouTube -

“Expanding our partnership with YouTube provides another platform for extending the reach of the thousands of hours of archived baseball content in our library and for delivering live baseball games via the Internet to fans in new markets around the world,” said Kenny Gersh, Senior Vice President, Business Development for MLBAM in a press release.