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Bud Black postgame press conference: "A well played game"

I'm just going to scribble down some notes from the press conference on Fox Sports San Diego.


My notes:

  • Andrew Cashner's start was a carry over from his last game where his only mistake was a walk and a home run. It was a solid pitched game. He made pitches when he needed to. He threw high fastballs by some guys. He also threw good change-ups down in the zone. Less then 90 pitches in 6 innings is solid. When he builds his stamina and durability he'll be throwing 7 innings and over 100 pitches. He's on the right path. His fastball is settling in in the low 90's. He's got good action on his pitches. He knows how to compete.
  • The bullpen did well. Joe Thatcher did a nice job. Dale Thayer got his out. Luke Gregerson was efficient. Huston Street worked himself out of a jam by keeping the ball down.
  • Tim Lincecum threw some good splitters and had a few Padres tied up.
  • It was a well played game on both sides. Good defensive plays all around. Similar to the games last week. "That's how we play these guys."