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Chargers pick Manti Te'o, Padres PR breaths sigh of relief

Oh we got something else to talk about now? Just ignore what's happening over at Petco for a bit then.

Jonathan Daniel

Honestly, this might've been the best thing ever for the Padres.

You're the new owner of the local baseball club in San Diego. You apparently have written off 2013 in favor of some other year in the future and then all kinds of terrible sh_t starts happening to you. The previous owner has robbed you blind. You were counting on San Diego Fan's laid back attitude to just hold through for another couple years. You were counting on media giving up on you.

And then people start calling you out. Documentaries by random people get national media attention. Your TV deal is a laugher. Your star left fielder might be a psychopath. Everybody's injured. Your team president starts making gaffs. You keep losing and losing and all you ever wanted to do was take a nap and continue to watch Dodgers games.

And then... Manti Te'o.

Speaking as a Charger Fan, I like this pick. The guy is good and I'd rather have Manti Te'o problems as opposed to say Ryan Leaf problems or even Shawne Merriman problems. Unless Catfishing is some sort of blocking scheme I'm not aware of, we'll just have to put up with opposing team fans mocking us while Manti methodically dismantles their offenses and then SCOREBOARD.

Speaking as a Padres blogger who relies heavily on media to have something to comment on, it's depressing that the next couple weeks will be Manti Weeks as opposed to Oh-My-God-Did-You-See-What-The-Padres-Did-Now Weeks. The latter is easier to write about.