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Rating Game 21: Winning with an epic bunt and a home run

The Padres are bunting fools and it paid off yesterday.

Necromancer: "Go, Magic Flying Ball! Go and wreak your havoc!" White Knight:"No! I've failed my sacred mission! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!"
Necromancer: "Go, Magic Flying Ball! Go and wreak your havoc!" White Knight:"No! I've failed my sacred mission! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

We hit rock bottom over the last several days with two games in the 1 range and a game that scored a perfect 2 (so far). Well our despondency and frustration has finally paid off because we won! That'll keep Padres Fans happy for at least the next two serieses. It's like a sometimes food. You can't have them with every meal, but sometimes it's OK to eat that there waffle.

Carlos Quentin crushed a home run. The eventual winning run was even more epic. Nick Hundley took Edinson Volquez's sacrifice bunt and scored from first by taking advantage of the Brewers' belief that the Padres were not capable of doing dumber than they'd previously demonstrated. If you've been watching Padres baseball for too long, you may have forgotten (like Hundley did) that a sacrifice bunt when you're standing on first base, means that you should end up on second base. Hundley was obviously confused and kept going to third base and then home.

Just goes to show.... something or another.

John Baker

  2. Game 14: Padres take their first series win against the Dodgers (9.193 GLBSR)
  3. Game 7: Padres win the Home Opener... Against the Dodgers... By like a billion. (8.567 GLBSR)
  4. Game 13: Padres beat the Dodgers on Jackie Robinson Day (8.451 GLBSR)
  5. Game 3: WIN NUMBER ONE (6.5 GLBSR)
  6. Game 9: Carlos Quentin vs Zack Greinke (5.946 GLBSR)
  7. Game 8: The Padres ALMOST come back against the Dodgers (5.148 GLBSR)
  8. Game 16: The Padres come back to earth against the Giants (4.211 GLBSR)
  9. Game 10: Padres score 5 at home and lose (3.000 GLBSR)
  10. Game 5: I guess you get used to losing. Rockies take the second series. (2.913 GLBSR)
  11. Game 4: The numbing sensation of another loss (2.909 GLBSR)
  12. Game 17: The Padres lose the series against the Giants (2.815 GLBSR)
  13. Game 12: Padres get swept by the Rockies at home (2.533 GLBSR)
  14. Game 2: The Padres make things look respectable after everybody stops paying attention (2.517 GLBSR)
  15. Game 11: Dex goes camping. Padres lose. (2.333 GLBSR)
  16. Game 1: Edinson Volquez loses us a game like a billion to two (2.269 GLBSR)
  17. Game 6: Padres get swept by the Rockies in Colorado (2.188 GLBSR)
  18. Game 20: Padres lose to the Brewers more. Bud Black starts denying participation in tactical decisions (2.000 GLBSR)
  19. Game 18: Padres get swept by the Giants (1.75 GLBSR)
  20. Game 19: Padres lose to Brewers. Padres Fans start to lose their minds. (1.489 GLBSR)

Vote with your heart. Vote with your mind. Mostly vote with your fingers.