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SI's Lee Jenkins rips Padres as a bad and bland team

At the beginning of this NBA interview Darren gives Lee an opportunity to vent about the Padres. It's brutal, but hard to argue. I still think it's too early to call the ballpark changes a failure. Totally agree about the bland uniforms and lack of identity though.

Thearon W. Henderson

Mighty 1090: Lee Jenkins with Darren Smith (MP3)

My notes:

  • "It's a bad team." It's discouraging to Jenkins that a couple years ago the Padres were starting to adapt to Petco Park. Now in an attempt to make it more friendly they've made it into a place where they can't play well. They are on a 7 game losing streak at home in 2013.
  • "This front office just can't seem to get one right, can they?" -Lee Jenkins
    "This front office just can't seem to get one right, can they?" They're on an amazing run of bad decisions. Jenkins names the Rizzo for Cashner trade, Latos for a "juicer" trade, the ballpark changes, Jason Marquis and the bland uniforms. "It's an incredible run of futility."
  • "The Padres are a funky team. They represented a city that was funky and soulful for 40 years. These guys want to get rid of that identity. It's almost like they want the Padres to have no identity at all." They want the team and the ballpark to look and feel like everybody else. "It's bland." It's not the cool team it was when Jenkins grew up.