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VIDEO: Carlos Quentin talks to press before returning from suspension

Marty Caswell has video of Quentin's locker press conference before yesterday's game.

Here's my notes:

  • Carlos Quentin did reflect on the brawl during his suspension.
  • He kept up with the team while he was away. He saw they played well in LA and struggled in San Francisco. He would have like to have been there with the team, but he couldn't. He's looking forward to getting back on the field. "We want to get back on the winning path, I want to be part of that and help do that?"
  • Quentin sternly asks a reporter to rephrase his question at the 1:10 mark. "Rephrase that question in a better way for me."
  • "What happened, happened. I'm ready to move on."
  • It was very difficult not to be with his team.
  • His knee is feeling fine right now. He's looking forward to providing as much offense as he can.