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Padres have called up pitcher Robbie Erlin


Wow! This is exciting. Steve Adler over at the has some breaking news. Robbie Erlin is on his way to San Diego. Erlin was acquired by the Padres in the trade for Mike Adams in 2011.

Robbie Erlin Headed to San Diego | Friarhood

Sources have told that the Padres have called up Robbie Erlin from AAA Tucson.

With the Padres suffering from poor starting pitching and off to their worst start ever, they were forced to make a move. Robbie Erlin could be the shot in the arm that the Padres need to keep from finishing last. I'm glad Padres GM Josh Byrnes erred on the side of making a change early. As a fan I'd hate to wait until mid-season when the team is completely out of the race before trying to fix things. I'd rather see young talent anyway, even if he does experience some growing pains in the Major Leagues.

Thad Weber will be sent down to make space for Erlin.