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Bud Black Postgame Press Conference

Sometimes I like to live blog these press conferences, just because.

  • The pitch in the first inning to Ryan Braun was supposed to be down and away. Braun is a good low ball hitter. The ball tailed in and it was hit out.
  • Jason Marquis couldn't find the fastball command and it resulted in two hit by pitches.
  • The Betancourt home run to deep left was "the back breaker".
  • Once Marquis started mixing in the slider his fastball command came back. He got some grounders and strike outs. The Brewers didn't let him mix in the slider in the first inning.
  • "Lohse was Lohse."
  • "We just couldn't muster anything. We out hit them, but just couldn't string them together."
  • Anthony Bass threw one wild pitch but after that he bounced back. He put some zeros on the board and steadied the ship.
  • The starters haven't been pitching well so Black has been relying on the bullpen more than he'd like.
  • "We're fortunate that we have over 140 games left. We have to keep a consistent approach. Everybody coming in expecting to win. How we played in Los Angeles was a great sign."
  • "The complete game, we're not playing." They have to get all the facets working together.