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Flower Show entry demands Time Warner to carry the Padres

This picture was taken at the 88th annual Coronado Flower Show over the weekend. A fed up Time Warner customer made a funeral wreath for their cable company. The participant, a real pistil, rose to the occasion asking in no uncertain terms to either start carrying Fox Sports San Diego or plant their tulips on their aster.

The carnation creation is creatively titled "Time Warner Sucks!" The accompanying sign reads "Wake up Time Warner Cable. Coronado wants to see our Padres. We have other options."

When the usually mellow flower crowd gets pissed off, you know you're doing something wrong. This comes after last week's announcement from FSSD that it is unlikely Time Warner will carry the remainder of the 2013 season. As the floral arrangement suggests, even though the residents of Coronado don't have access to Cox Cable, they now have other options. The Padres can be seen on Direct TV, AT&T and the Dish Network.