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Kyle Blanks gets 4 stitches after collision with outfield wall

Thearon W. Henderson

I wasn't able to watch the game, but saw the clip of Kyle Blanks slamming into the outfield wall. He held on to the ball making a fantastic catch while his hat and shattered sunglasses went flying in all directions. The collision left Blanks crumpled on the ground momentarily.

Fortunately the injury prone outfielder seems to be okay, apart from a little bit of back soreness and an eyelid cut (from his sun glasses) that required 4 stitches.

After seeing the catch I think we can describe Blanks as a balls to the wall type of player, though the use of the term usually doesn't refer to eyeballs.

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"The wall is pretty sturdy, let's just say that," said Blanks, whose eyelid was sliced by his sunglasses. "I didn't really take my eye off (the ball hit by Joaquin Arias), but I'm very happy I hung onto it. Other than that, I feel fine ... probably a little better than I look."

You know what's nice? Blanks will finally look tough with a scar above his eye.