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Padres 3B Chase Headley models Spring Fashion in May issue of Gentleman's Quarterly

mmm, girl.
mmm, girl.
Cass Bird / GQ

I just learned that Padres 3B Chase Headley is being featured in GQ's May issue -- as a model!

He's not just modeling Spring fashion in the form of white skinny jeans, a deep v-neck t-shirt and a jacket, but he's also attempting to catch the eye of a certain Yankees' General Manager, according to GQ.

Check out the caption on this picture:

San Diego Padres, Chase Headley
After his breakout 2012 season (thirty-one HRs), the Yanks might pursue him to replace A-Rod.

Former Padres pitcher Jake Peavy is featured as well. He was interviewed in addition to participating in a photo shoot. He talks about Bruce Springsteen being his main musical influence all while showing off his shapely ankles.

Here's the part where he knew he had to leave San Diego so he could be on a team that cares about winning:

I didn't want to leave San Diego, and I had said no to this trade before, but because ownership was changing and because of the contract I'd just signed and what the payroll was going to, I had to leave. I had a no-trade [clause], so I got to have some input on where I got traded. Chicago is a team that cares and they're a team that's about one thing, and that's trying to find a way to be on top at the end. At that point in time I was all in, still am.

Don't you ever change Jake Peavy. I know you won't.

In case you're interested Buster Posey, Brandon Phillips, Barry Zito and Andre Ethier are also featured wearing high water pants.