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Tyson Ross to the DL. Has the decision been made on Cashner?


Well, Clayton Richard is sick and Tyson Ross has been sent to the disabled list with some soreness. Our very own Bob Scanlan broke down Tyson Ross's troubles in his most recent game recap (start at 4:20):

As we mentioned earlier today, with Clayton Richard coming up sick and Tyson Ross coming up sore, the even bigger decision on Andrew Cashner may have already been made. Scan's already opined that with the reduced roster, and the moves that are having to be made, it made the most sense to use Cashner in today's spot start (as opposed to Anthony Bass), but with Ross headed to the DL, maybe today's spot start isn't just a spot start after all. Cashner may be here for good.

The news on Tyson Ross is a shame. He's shown some great flashes this season after winning his spot in the rotation, even catching eyes with his occasionally brilliant change-up.

Tyson Ross

#38 / Pitcher / San Diego Padres





Apr 22, 1987