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Micah Owings is looking for work. Padres take two?

The man who wants to redefine (and/or just define) his position doesn't have a job yet for the season. Maybe we should just try that whole thing again?

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

FanGraphs asks the question that's on everybody's mind right now: "Surely there's a roster spot for Micah Owings somewhere?" Micah Owings, you'll recall was a San Diego Padres for a few minutes last season, signing a $1MM deal that also earned him a 100% Fresh Rating according to Gaslamp Ball's scientific Tomahto Meter. Micah Owings is like this unicorn sort of guy when it comes to doing really creative things like carrying fewer pitchers that you want or double switch pinch hitting late in the game. FanGraphs makes the case for him being as good as a typical center fielder when it comes to offense.

Owings is, in my humblest of estimation, a well-worthy lottery ticket — a better gamble than the Quad-A hitter who has no MLB experience, or the fourth outfield who has done little in limited time. I suspect also: He is a better allocation of resources than a proven and fading veteran.

The other thing to recall is we never really got a good look at him. He was sidelined for the year with a forearm injury after appearing in 6 games and pitching 9.1 innings. He only got two at-bats, in which he struck out both times, so we didn't even get that look at him.

Tell you what. It was considered 100% Fresh at the time and, assuming he doesn't have crazy psychological issues, how big of a stretch could it be to consider bringing him back for another go? I mean honestly... We tried Freddy Garcia out. Maybe we should reconsider the Micah Owings Experiment for 2013.

Going out on the limb: We win that game yesterday with Micah Owings on the roster.