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Opening Day comes and goes. Time Warner Cable continues to be absolutely terrible

But at the same time, nobody seems to care except us, Matt Hall and the LA Times.


The LA Times has their regular piece up on how terrible Time Warner Cable is in terms of servicing the Southern California sports fan.

Did you know that if you do nothing at all, your cable bill is going up? Mostly the rise in cost is blamed on price increases and sunspots, but oftentimes it's blamed on things like "Six months have passed" or "It costs us a lot of money to properly throttle your high speed internet so we can charge you to unthrottle it" or "We sh_t gold bricks and require more cash to wipe our greedy asses with". These are all reasonable things that Time Warner Cable customers have come to expect and gladly hand money over for. That and the crap customer service and lack of sports programming. Oh wait. I forgot. You do get that SportsNet channel that carries absolutely no sports that you actually care about.

But people don't typically care about this sort of thing, so we just continue to watch and do stuff like write blog posts and vote in meaningless polls that give us a little bit of satisfaction, but ultimately will just end up letting Time Warner Cable raise the rates again next week. Maybe once they win the Worst Company in America award, they'll raise rates again to improve morale.

What about you, sports fan who still hasn't switched providers? What's holding you back at this point? Do you like sports for real or do you just say you do so you can be invited to sports related parties where they serve pizza?

And the beat goes on...