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Cameron Maybin in the Chatting Cage

Maybin answered some questions for fans in the Edward Jones Chatting Cage.

Denis Poroy

This morning, Cameron Maybin stepped into the Edward Jones Chatting Cage to answer some questions. Fans could submit questions via Twitter by using the hashtag #chattingcage or they could "get in line" to ask Cam a question live via webcam. I watched it live at 8am and tried to sum up the talking points, but you can watch the video for yourself later when it goes up at

  • The most intimidating pitchers Maybin has faced are Chris Carpenter and Felix Hernandez. He welcomes a challenge on the mound.
  • Maybin is excited to play in the newly-renovated Petco Park. All of the position players, as well as pitchers, look forward to getting back to San Diego and seeing how the new ballpark dimensions will benefit the team.
  • The best advice a coach has ever given him is to always remember to have fun, especially as he gets older. It's easy for baseball to turn into a business.
  • In five years, he hopes the Padres continue to go in a winning direction. He thinks Josh Byrnes and the front office have done a great job of putting together the right pieces on the team. The players in the clubhouse have great chemistry.
Look for us to compete hard and give the fans of San Diego a really special year.
  • 50 stolen bases is a number he is shooting for.
  • The Padres have high hopes this season. Maybin is looking forward to giving the fans something to root for. The team is excited and optimistic about the guys in the clubhouse.

I saw a lot of great questions that people were asking on Twitter, so I was kind of disappointed with the questions they chose. They all seemed kind of generic and typical. But Maybin seemed happy to be there answering questions, especially from the younger fans, and he seemed really sincere in his answers. And though I wouldn't expect him to speak negatively of the team anyway, it's still good to hear the confidence he has in his teammates and the front office to put together a season the fans can be proud of.