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Game Ratings Project: Your San Diego Padres just swept the Los Angeles Dodgers

And I suspect the Dodgers are perfectly fine not having to see the Padres again till June.

"Not satisfied... Must purchase sartorial extravagance... Need more leather..."
"Not satisfied... Must purchase sartorial extravagance... Need more leather..."

So the second game of the series is coming in very strong as the most satisfying game of the year so far with a 9.193 GLBSR rating. What's notable is that we're all pretty well in agreement of the game's high rating. It also had the lowest variance of any of the games thus far. Helps in that it wasn't a controversial game and it was a blowout and the good feelings kept the snarky and troll votes almost completely out of the equation.

So where do we go from there? I would not be surprised if finishing a series sweep in convincing fashion was the most satisfying way to win a game, but I will be reserving my 10 vote. Unfortunately, I happened to be at the Laker game last night with no internet connection. I was pretty satisfied with the out of town scoreboard updates though. Like REALLY satisfied. So I guess it's still a 9 for me.

  1. Game 14: Padres take their first series win against the Dodgers (9.193 GLBSR)
  2. Game 7: Padres win the Home Opener... Against the Dodgers... By like a billion. (8.567 GLBSR)
  3. Game 13: Padres beat the Dodgers on Jackie Robinson Day (8.451 GLBSR)
  4. Game 3: WIN NUMBER ONE (6.5 GLBSR)
  5. Game 9: Carlos Quentin vs Zack Greinke (5.946 GLBSR)
  6. Game 8: The Padres ALMOST come back against the Dodgers (5.148 GLBSR)
  7. Game 10: Padres score 5 at home and lose (3.000 GLBSR)
  8. Game 5: I guess you get used to losing. Rockies take the second series. (2.913 GLBSR)
  9. Game 4: The numbing sensation of another loss (2.909 GLBSR)
  10. Game 12: Padres get swept by the Rockies at home (2.533 GLBSR)
  11. Game 2: The Padres make things look respectable after everybody stops paying attention (2.517 GLBSR)
  12. Game 11: Dex goes camping. Padres lose. (2.333 GLBSR)
  13. Game 1: Edinson Volquez loses us a game like a billion to two (2.269 GLBSR)
  14. Game 6: Padres get swept by the Rockies in Colorado (2.188 GLBSR)