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Headley in the lineup; Maybin to the DL

TIL: "Friends" will not be returning to NBC's lineup. Headley, however, will be returning to the Padres' lineup. It's a win-win!


Corey Brock tells us the tales of the Padres through Twitter:

Four weeks is a really quick turn around for Chase Headley. If you remember, Padres GM Josh Byrnes said they were using a futuristic device called a bone stimulator on Headley's finger. Besides the number of jokes that could be made about getting one's bone stimulated, it also served its intended purpose of healing Headley's finger.

As for Maybin, he's been off to a really poor start. He's been struggling due a wrist injury that has been rearing its ugly head for the past two seasons. He's 3-33 in 2013 and out of the lineup the past several days. He'll probably be out for 15 days.

"We're very excited for him to be back," Padres first baseman Yonder Alonso said Tuesday.