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How much does it cost to get as angry as Carlos Quentin got? Half a million dollars.

If you can't have an eye for an eye, how about a collarbone for a whole lot of money?


We've thought through it before, but maybe haven't focused on the actual Carlos Quentin penalty. Business Insider ran the quick math on Carlos Quentin's 8 game suspension and $3k fine. The grand tally? 4.9% of Quentin's salary plus the fine comes to $472k.

You might be quick to say that half a million dollars is nothing to somebody who's making $9.5 million dollars in a single year, but I would counter with: It's HALF A MILLION DOLLARS.

To put it in context, the 8 game suspension for Quentin is as long as Nyjer Morgan's 2010 suspension wherein he attacked a guy, but was essentially known to be a crazy person. Morgan's salary equivalent for that 2010 suspension: $21k.

Obviously, there's a punitive thing going on here. You hit the person with an amount that hurts, but it is interesting to note that if the penalty were the same, dollar for dollar, Quentin's suspension and fine would've meant Nyjer Morgan's entire 2010 paycheck.