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Chase Headley goes 1 for 3 in final rehab start for the Lake Elsinore Storm

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The Dodger's Ted Lilly, also rehabbing, takes the loss.

Christian Petersen

Chase Headley completed his four game rehab in Lake Elsinore last night, going 1 for 3. He's anticipated to be in the lineup for the Padres tonight. The Storm beat the Dodger's affiliate Rancho Cucamonga Quakes like a billion to 1.

Chase went 3 for 12 in his time in Lake Elsinore.

In the same game, the Dodgers' Ted Lilly continued his rehab assignment. Lilly took the loss, with the Storm getting 4 runs and 6 hits off of him.

Storm first baseman Lee Orr came within a home run of the cycle, going 4 for 5 with two singles, a double and a triple. After the game was done, Orr realized that Chase Headley was actually that Chase Headley and expressed a giddy excitement at Headley's having been in the "Show" (colloquialism for having played in the big leagues).

Chase recounted details of what it's like to be a Major League Star for Orr on the bus ride home, in particular noting Petco Park's similarities to a cathedral, the room service available at most major hotels and the fact that, anatomically, females in fact do have long legs and brains.