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Chris Capuano to get MRI on strained left calf

If I were a Dodger Fan, I would not mind not seeing the San Diego Padres for a while.

Stephen Dunn

Chris Capuano left last night's game early after he pulled up lame making a play at first base. I thought that there was no way he was coming back for the next inning and I had completely written him off.

But then in the next inning, there he was throwing the ball from the mound while Don Mattingly carefully watched and fought back tears. Steve Lyons meanwhile, was somewhere trying to figure out how he could work the whole situation into calling some member of the Padres a "coward".

I honestly got kinda excited...

Being the underdog for so long, I just naturally tend to root for underdogs and in that moment, let's face it, Chris Capuano was the underdog, even if for just as second. In the future, let's all be clear. The Padres, collectively, are Daniel Larusso. The Dodgers are the Cobra Kai. San Diego is Reseda.

I digress... It was not to be. Capuano is getting an MRI to ensure that it's not more than a strain. Capuano is hopeful.

"It's a little sore. A strain, but not a full tear or anything like that," Capuano said after the Dodgers fell to the Padres, 9-2, at Dodger Stadium. "I don't anticipate it will be too long to heal."

Capuano, of course, was filling in for an injured Zack Greinke.