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Why does Harrison Ford throw baseballs so terribly?

Stephen Dunn

It puzzles me that the man that played Indiana Jones and had such perfect bullwhip mechanics throws a ball this terribly. I warn you, it's a little embarrassing to watch. It made me cringe. Especially after the pitch when Ford overacts and shows off a self-deprecating grimace. I blame his age. Harrison Ford is terribly old. He's 70 and should no longer be doing his own stunts, even on the baseball field.

Maybe at one time Ford knew how to throw a ball properly. We know that at one time he knew how to act, but he lost his fastball long ago. Skills can be lost without constant practice. As a case in point, you'll occasionally even see a former Major League baseball players throw out first pitches and look just as terrible. Time is cruel. It robs even those that mask their age with jewelry.