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Chase Headley will be back in lineup this week

Christian Petersen

Chase Headley is just finishing up his rehab stint in Lake Elsinore. He was positioned as a DH last Friday with The Storm and played in the field on Sunday and Monday. He's expected to be back with the Padres sometime this week.

Manager Bud Black just wants to make sure that Chase feels comfortable before he returns to the Show.

"We don't know when. He's got to feel comfortable where he is."

Black also talked to the MLB Network, going into a little more depth.:

"He's close, there's no doubt about it".

There's a chance he even plays with the Padres tonight but Black is leaving that decision up to Headley.

In an effort to deal with the 4-6 weeks recovery time from his broken thumb, I just imagined he was traded away in the off-season for some prospects that will never even sniff the major leagues. Now that he's back I'm pretending that ownership went out and bought us a gift. The season is much more exciting when you play fantasy baseball in your head instead of online.