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Rating Game 13: Padres beat the Dodgers without Carlos Quentin

How would the Padres respond coming off of a sweep at the hands of the Rockies and facing a Dodgers team that's very very angry at them? Pretty good.

Matt Kemp, pumping his fist. Seen without his leather murse/manbag/backpack thing.
Matt Kemp, pumping his fist. Seen without his leather murse/manbag/backpack thing.
Stephen Dunn

I owe you guys this:

  1. Game 7: Padres win the Home Opener... Against the Dodgers... By like a billion. (8.567 GLBSR)
  2. Game 3: WIN NUMBER ONE (6.5 GLBSR)
  3. Game 9: Carlos Quentin vs Zack Greinke (5.946 GLBSR)
  4. Game 8: The Padres ALMOST come back against the Dodgers (5.148 GLBSR)
  5. Game 10: Padres score 5 at home and lose (3.000 GLBSR)
  6. Game 5: I guess you get used to losing. Rockies take the second series. (2.913 GLBSR)
  7. Game 4: The numbing sensation of another loss (2.909 GLBSR)
  8. Game 12: Padres get swept by the Rockies at home (2.533 GLBSR)
  9. Game 2: The Padres make things look respectable after everybody stops paying attention (2.517 GLBSR)
  10. Game 11: Dex goes camping. Padres lose. (2.333 GLBSR)
  11. Game 1: Edinson Volquez loses us a game like a billion to two (2.269 GLBSR)
  12. Game 6: Padres get swept by the Rockies in Colorado (2.188 GLBSR)

A couple of things jump out at me:

  • That game where I went camping was apparently horrifying
  • Getting swept by the Rockies apparently is less satisfying the first time around than is the second time around.
  • The variance on that Quentin vs Greinke game was crazy huge, but apparently, we'd rather see some fire in the boys than just a well played loss.

So now we're rating this game (or ranking it... my titles are all over the place). We didn't beat the Dodgers by a billion, but we did make a nice statement after that Quentin vs Greinke thing so there's that. Vote early because these polls only stay open a couple of days, people!