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Bud Black Postgame Press Conference 4/15

I'm going to watch this here postgame press conference on Fox Sports San Diego and take some notes on this here computer. Let's go!

Ezra Shaw
  • Talking about Eric Stults: "How about the old line back in the day? 'Helping your own cause.'" Stults was hitting them out in batting practice and it carried over. Stults is a complete ball player. "He can swing the bat, he really can." He also made some critical pitches to get out of some jams.
  • Good team win. Lots of contributors along the way. "When you win a game like that, when you use a few pitchers, when you have to do a few things offensively and the pitcher does his part it adds up a lot of times to victories."
  • Stults' spot in the order came up in the top of the 7th in a tie game. It's not that Black doesn't like his bat, but he thought it would be better to have Jesus Guzman hit in his place. Stults was right around 100 pitches anyway.
  • Black thinks the teams have put the brawl behind them. "I don't think anything was brewing before this game, let's hope that continues."