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Dodgers make plea for fans to maintain safe experience on Jackie Robinson day

Curt Gunther

After the official Dodger Twitter account taunted and trolled all week long, riling up their fan base, now they want peace, for Jackie's sake.

Let me take you back in time to Jackie Robinson Day 2007 when the Padres played the Dodgers. This is how Dodger fans honored Robinson's legacy.

Go back and click on that link and read the description of the beer barrage from someone who was there. Watch as the security did nothing to protect the Padres fans. Jackie Robinson's legacy isn't going to keep you safe at Dodger Stadium.

As a Padres fan at Dodger Stadium, you will be in the minority. You will likely be taunted, threatened, harassed and possibly attacked by Dodger fans. Consider it just a small taste of what it was like to be Jackie Robinson. It's up to you to honor his legacy by having the guts not to fight back.

Dodgers, Padres will likely give peace a chance |

One final word of caution about this series, though: If any of you Padres fans who aren’t going to games in San Diego were thinking about attending at Chavez Ravine and wearing our SD gear, please reconsider. Dodgers games are the new Raiders games in Los Angeles, and anyone wearing an opposing team’s gear in the parking lot is more unwelcome as Quentin would have been on the field.

If you do decide to go up to Dodger Stadium, you're on your own, there will be no security coming to your rescue. Your only protection is a tweet.