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Carlos Quentin drops appeal, out 8 games, will miss the Dodger series

And Carlos Quentin takes his punishment.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Quentin started his suspension today, dropping the appeal. In an interview, he said that he wasn't planning on going through with the appeal, but that it was originally filed to lessen the impact of losing him in the lineup right away. The move allowed the Padres to make adjustments accordingly and not be severely impacted for the first two games of the Colorado series, both of which the Padres lost. The Padres notably also lost the third game of the series without Carlos Quentin in the lineup.

Quentin will also be fined $3,000.

Bud Black wants to move beyond all of this excitement and anticipation and back to good old fashioned 2013 Padres Baseball:

"I think the underlying thing was let's get this behind us," Black said. "Let's start playing baseball. Let's get this distraction away from our club as quickly as possible. That's something that's been talked about for the last four days."

Sure. Let's get this behind us and get the Padres out of the national spotlight. It's apparently much better when people stop thinking about the team again.

The serving of the suspension obviously means that Carlos Quentin won't be in the lineup for the series against the Dodgers in Los Angeles Monday through Wednesday. Anybody associated with Major League Baseball will, on the record, say it's for the best. Every single one of those same people is at least a little pissed that we're not able to carry this out for another three days.