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Ranking Game 12: And a brief summary of random tweets from the game

There's been some confusion as to which one Game 11 was vs Game 12. Here's a hint: It doesn't matter anymore.


The Padres lost again on Sunday and this time it was pretty boring and I was pretty much doing my taxes and talking nerd talk on Twitter the whole time. If you were following along, my tweets were the ones about comic books and Doctor Who, but jbox was the one who tweeted this particular gem:

Everybody loved that one. I've always had more geek cred than jbox, who was more the popular athletic one in high school. I was in band.

Anyways, my tweets drew this guy to comment:

Which seems excessive, right? I mean it's just Dale Thayer: Dude Who Everybody Wants To Chill With and MacTaylorRocks1 freaked out, so I responded, but then he totally lost it...

And anyway. That happened, which I thought was funny, but at the same time a little scary so I just pushed the Favorite button and got around to writing this post.

Please vote. Reminder, this is Game 12, wherein we lost to the Rockies in pathetic fashion as opposed to Game 11 or Game 10 wherein we lost to the Rockies in pathetic fashion.