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VIDEO: Carlos Quentin on Kemp confrontation and more

I was talking to a Padres fan tonight at the game that doesn't follow Marty Caswell on Twitter. "Then how do you get your Padres news?" She's one of the best in the biz. Here's her latest Carlos Quentin video.

Here's some of my notes, Quentin is very repetitive:

  • Quentin saw Zack Greinke express an expletive towards him. "That was the tipping point." If Greinke had waved him off or said he was sorry, then Quentin would have gone to first base. "I would have had to."
  • Matt Kemp wasn't waiting for Quentin outside the locker room. He was walking toward the bus. "He was enraged obviously with what had happened to his teammate. He wanted to approach me aggressively. I tried to explain to him but he didn't want to listen."
  • "It was an unfortunate situation that someone got hurt. I do have a lot of remorse that someone got hurt. I will say and repeat that I felt I had to protect myself."
    He's been hit many times and never gone to the mound before. "It's a shame that the Dodger organization doesn't have one of their team members and that someone got hurt."
  • John Baker helped pull their pitcher out of the pile. "It's unfortunate to think that someone could taunt a player for an injury that we had no idea had even happened."
  • Quentin refers back to the 2009 footage of Greinke throwing twice at his head.
  • "I understand why I get hit. I understand that's part of how I approach hitting. I also understand that pitchers have to do their job to pitch. Like I said, I've never gone out there until last night. I never felt someone has thrown at me intentionally until what happened in 2009. Even last night, I didn't go out there until I was provoked to go out there. I think you can see that in the video. So, people will be villianized. All I ask is that you pay attention to what is right in front of your eyes."
  • A lot could have been resolved in the last 3 years. "I'm very open to resolution." Greinke never approached him. "That's a disappointment."
  • Quentin wants to play next week. The Padres team has been there for him, he'd like to be there for them. He's not proud of the fight. He'll be there through whatever happens or any retaliation.
  • Greinke was approached by his teammates in the past. Greinke knew that Quentin was upset, but still never tried to alleviate the situation. "I'm a person that can be spoken to."