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Jimmy Fallon makes monologue joke about Quentin/Greinke fight

I always DVR the Jimmy Fallon Show then decide if I'll watch it depending on its guests. I hardly ever watch a late night show's monologue, because canned jokes aren't my cup of tea. I think Fallon is at his best when interacting with his guests, so I'll skip right to that segment.

Today was different. I turned it on while I was making breakfast and let it run so I could watch Tom Cruise while I ate. My two favorite things.

To my surprise Fallon made a joke about the Padres/Dodgers brawl. Watch it above.

See the beauty of this joke is that a slang name for a testicle is a "ball". So when the joke is set in the midst of a baseball game, you have a double entendre at your disposal.

Jimmy Fallon's punchline of "I thought you were only allowed to play with one ball at a time" was decent, but I prefer his announcer Higgin's off the cuff comment better, "two balls, one strike". It's like Greinke's hand is striking Quentin's two testicles. Get it?

Testicle jokes, that's Comedy 101.