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Padres Rankings Project, Game 10: Losing because stuff that shouldn't happen, happens

I think I handle losses better when the Padres lose them the way they're supposed to lose them.

...something something... C-3PO in a backpack joke... something something...
...something something... C-3PO in a backpack joke... something something...

I gotta say... That was a real bummer of a loss for me. Our San Diego Padres took a look at the Colorado Rockies and said, "I'm pretty sure we can lose to these guys. There's got to be a way."

We're at the point where we're rating losses the way connoisseurs of fine cheese rate cheese based on how much they stink.

What I'm referring to is losing a game, because Bud Black makes strategic moves in letting Luke Gregerson and Huston Street pitch that implies the game is winnable. Except that two of our best pitchers don't see it that way and the Padres lose another one.

I dunno about you guys, but this one cut me deep, people. Five runs should be enough for a win, especially if you're handing it off to a bullpen that, in recent memory, was one of the bright spots of the team.

But don't let that influence you. If you're feeling super duper satisfied after last night, then those numbers will still be available for you in the poll below.