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John Baker did not taunt Zach Greinke, tried to help him


When Jerry Hairston Jr. kicked off the second round of the Carlos Quentin / Zach Greinke fight, he blamed it on a Padres player for taunting Greinke after his injury, instead of himself. As I said earlier today, there was no way for the Padres to even know Greinke was hurt at the time. Hairston admits he's the one who "lost it" and charged towards the Padres dugout to defend Greinke against the verbal attack.

It was rumored that the Padres player in question was John Baker, even though Hairston wouldn't name him.

Now John Baker has come forward to defend his good name. He spoke with Padres broadcaster Andy Masur and said he's tired of having his name dragged through the mud. He tried to help Greinke by pulling him out of the pile.