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Padres GM Josh Byrnes discusses Quentin / Greinke fight


Mighty 1090: Josh Byrnes Interview with Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton (MP3)

  • These types of things are happening less and less because MLB is policing it. "It's unfortunate."
  • Byrnes talked to Carlos Quentin. "There was something in their history that was different in his mind and that's how he reacted. I know the Dodgers' point of view is that the game situation wouldn't have prompted that kind of reaction. I think it was more of their history."
  • Byrnes hasn't heard anything yet about disciplinary actions. He thinks he'll be contacted today about when the MLB will make their ruling. Then they'll have to decide if the Padres want to appeal.
  • On Matt Kemp and Carlos Quentin getting into it in the parking garage: "We can't have things going on and off the field."
    "But to do anything off the field like that, that can't happen." -Josh Byrnes
  • Byrnes says it's really hard to know Zach Greinke's intent. He has no idea if Quentin was hit on purpose. Quentin thought the situation was different then the other hundred times he's been hit.
  • Byrnes will talk with the team and make sure that things don't get out of hand on or off the field next week in Los Angeles. "I think it's a good rivalry and I'm sure the games will be that much more intense."
  • "Hopefully in a few days things will calm down"
  • Will the fight bring the Padres together? "I think it can, there's no doubt... there's no doubt. I mean that was a real reaction. These teams don't like each other and they shouldn't. We all saw it. So hopefully this kicks up the rivalry that much more and we play our very best and find a way to beat those guys."