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Carlos Quentin talks about his history with Zack Greinke

Marty Caswell did a great job covering the brawl and the aftermath in the parking garage.

She has some video of Carlos Quentin from last night. It's just okay. That's because Quentin defers all questions to Zack Greinke.

The key points Quentin makes are these:

  • Greinke has a history of hitting Quentin with pitches.
    The situation could have been avoided.
  • He's been hit by many pitches in his career and never before charged the mound.
  • Greinke did say something to Quentin after he was hit. To Quentin, "That was the final straw. That could have been avoided as well." Quentin won't repeat what was said. If Greinke didn't say anything or motioned that the HBP wasn't intentional Quentin likely wouldn't have charged the mound.
  • Quentin feels fine after the fight.
  • "This is a man's game."
  • In Quentin's mind Greinke started it, "I was the one that was hit."
  • Carlos is asked if things will get ugly in LA next week. "We'll see what happens. Obviously they're not happy with losing one of their starting pitchers. That's unfortunate for their organization."