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Game Rankings Project: The Zack Greinke vs Carlos Quentin game

It's these games where nothing happens that are tough to rate. /sarcasm

"Hey guys, remember me? Hey I'm doing pretty good over here. Hey what're we talking about?"
"Hey guys, remember me? Hey I'm doing pretty good over here. Hey what're we talking about?"

Close game last night. The Padres lost and continue to have trouble with the Dodgers at home (going back to 2010).

Incidentally, there was a fight and San Diego Padre Carlos Quentin got into a pretty good scuffle with Los Angeles Dodger, Zack Greinke. Yep.

My semi-last words on the subject of that fight. And i'm sure I'll get criticized to no end for this stuff, but just speaking honestly:

  • I'm the kind of person who enjoys watching sports at least in part because of the potential for violence, whether it's an especially hard hit in football, a crash in an autorace, or yes, a benches clearing brawl in baseball. To say that I didn't enjoy watching that fight at some visceral level would be lying.
  • I'm also the kind of person that gets squeamish when I even hear about injuries that involve broken bones or torn tendons. I like watching boxing so bruises and the occasional lost tooth don't bother me as much, but a bitten off ear is horrifying. I am angry at people for posting Kevin Ware photos to their Facebook.
  • I'm a Padres Fan, so my natural tendency is to support players on the San Diego Padres.
  • I really don't like the Dodgers, so my other tendency is to assume that the guy on the Dodgers is at least partly in the wrong.
  • I think if Person A throws something really hard at Person B's head and Person B is convinced that Person A really meant to do it, well... That's a relatively good reason for Person B to want to punch Person A. (Note that this would make me believe both Carlos Quentin and Matt Kemp have reason to want to hit somebody)
  • I like the idea that my favorite baseball team and my least favorite baseball team appear to really not like each other.

The way you vote in this poll will depend a little bit on how you're interpreting satisfaction. In my mind, every season will have (needs to have?) a game or two like this. Just like there's going to be a couple games where Bud Black gets tossed. A couple of games where the benches chirp at each other. Maybe a handful of Really Bad Umpiring games. At the end of the year, I wouldn't be surprised if I come back to this game to watch it again. Does that mean I was more or less satisfied with it? It's a conundrum when looking at it at that level.

So take that as you will and vote in the comments on how satisfying that loss was and know that any sort of schadenfreude comment gets hidden.

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