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San Diego Padres Game Rankings Project: Ranking the best loss of the season?

So we lost, but at least we didn't embarrass ourselves. That counts for something, right?

Sure, he caught the ball, but at least we made him fall down.
Sure, he caught the ball, but at least we made him fall down.
Denis Poroy

I'll tabulate past results a little later, but let's think about how we felt about last night's loss. We started off slowly, but if you stuck around to the end, you were treated with the possibility of an almost comeback against the highly touted and highly paid Dodgers of Los Angeles.

This is a little bit of that feeling of, if I were at the game last night, and a Dodger Fan tried to heckle me on the way out of the park, I would be satisfied in the knowledge that they absolutely got crushed the previous night, they almost gave it away that night and the series is headed into a rubber match that I'm feeling pretty good about.

I will say that if we had lost yesterday and then lost tonight in the way we lost it, I probably would be super irritated. So it's very interesting what context can do for one's mood. You angry people should go get some tea and maybe a little plant for your office.

Regardless of tea and potted plants, in my own subjective rankings, this would've been the third best game of the season, right after the first two wins.

But maybe other people had different expectations, like Yoda. Win or Win Not. There is no 9th inning rally.